Lifestyle Newborn at Home

What to Expect...

After your baby arrives, I like to have my mama’s shoot me a quick text after their little one is here, that way I can start to clear my schedule and find a good day for our session. Most all my newborn sessions take place when baby is anywhere from 5-10 days old. This is important because I like to shoot when baby is still in the womb-like stage and very sleepy. (you know… when their days and nights are flip-flopped ;-) ). Another reason being; baby acne. It happens to most every baby so shooting before it makes its appearance is the goal. If your baby already has it, no worries! My rule of thumb for re-touching is; if it’s temporary (i.e. pimples, bruises, scratches) they get taken out. If it’s a birth mark, I leave them. You’ll want to remember your little one and every little detail. Trust me.

What to wear...

Simple is best. Comfort is key. Keep colors neutral but don’t be afraid to add a little bit of color! Whites, creams, grey, and subdued colors always photograph the best. Try and avoid bright and bold colors (neons), super dark colors like black and navy blue and big patterns and shirts with large logos on them because all that can take away from the overall feel and look of your images. We want the focus to be on you and your little one, not what your shirt said. Same rules apply to siblings. Try and avoid clothing with characters, sequins and neons.

From a cozy oversized sweater and leggings, to a pretty floral or linen dress, the options are endless for you mamas!

How to prep...

Once we narrow down our session date and time (they usually take place around noon, for lighting purposes) I will ask what areas of you house you would like to session to take place in. I like to have clients pick one or two rooms that have the best natural light. Master bedrooms, living rooms, baby’s nursery and spare bedrooms are most common.

Opening all blinds and curtains before my arrival will help me to figure out which spaces are best. Please do not feel the need to deep clean your entire house before I come. Please. There is zero need to impress me, like at all….. I’m a mom… of a boy and a girl. So literally nothing scares me. However, if you can, try and declutter items on counters/floors in the spaces you’d like me to photograph in. Less is more when it comes to these type sessions. That’s why spare bedrooms are always clients favorite rooms to shoot in because most of the time, those are the rooms with just a bed. Also, keep in mind your bedding. There are some really wonderful colors and patterns out there (which is amazing) however, if you have a white sheet/blanket/comforter definitely bust that out and lay it on top. The reason being, bright and bold colors will cast shadows and colors on skin, leaving a tint of whatever color the blanket is. So if you can, keep it simple and plain. Whites and creams are always ideal to ensure esthetically please images to the eye.

If you have older kiddos, let me know before we schedule a time. I always like to make sure we aren’t heading towards a nap while I’m there. I try my best to be flexible on the time of day we shoot to accommodate for such schedules.

If possible, try and keep your house warmer than usual. Babies love being warm and cuddly and when the house is cold, they’ll let you know if they don’t like it.


  • My baby is so fussy I’m afraid she’ll cry the entire time you’re here!
  • This is the wonderful thing about in-home sessions. We can stop at any time. I give you all the time you need to relax and recompose. Babies cry. It’s totally ok. It’s totally normal.
  • My son/daughter is afraid of the baby or want’s nothing to do with them.
  • This was my life when I brought my second child home. My kiddos are 17 months apart and my oldest son wanted nothing to do with his new brother. It’s ok. It’s normal. A new addition is a huge adjustment to a sibling! I never force or coerce kids to get in the frame. Sometimes a simple game of “can you show me baby’s nose?” does the trick, sometimes it doesn’t and we let them be. The goal is to never force a child or punish them if they’re not feeling it.
  • My house isn’t Pinterest perfect.
  • Mine isn’t either. And it definitely wasn’t when I had little ones. The goal for in-home sessions isn’t about the state of your house. It’s so much deeper than that. And really, all I need is one room with some good light and I can create magic.
  • I live in a 1 bedroom apartment with just 2 windows. We don’t even have a crib!
  • Some of my most favorite sessions had taken place in such a space! It’s all about angles and light. Cribs are not necessary to show you have a newborn. There are so many other places inside your home that we can use! Couches, beds, even the floor!
  • How long does a typical session last?
  • -Most sessions last around 2hrs. I like to leave extra time for feedings, diaper changes and fussy babies.
  • Do you use or bring props?
  • No. Being a lifestyle photographer, I tend to lean more towards less is more. My goal is to capture you and your family organically.
  • We are so awkward in front of the camera. Will you help pose us?
  • Yes of course! I totally understand being awkward, because I am too! I will definitely help guide you into a pose and then ask you to engage with your family.

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Pricing | $550*

These sessions take place in the comfort of your home within 5-14 days after you bring baby home. We spend 2 hours together and I capture those little in between moments from diaper changes to feedings, to cuddles on the couch. They are a lovely alternative if you are craving a more unique way of capturing your home life with a newborn. 

*Travel fees may apply if more then 30 miles from 12037