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About me

You may ask, why did you choose to photograph weddings? Simple, weddings are timeless and so are photographs. What I see is what your children, and what your grandchildren will see. I want your grandchild to look at a picture of you on your wedding day and say wow, look how pretty Grandma is, or look how in love Grandma and Grandpa are. Wedding Photos are enjoyed for years to come. Plus, the excitement, the love, and the idea of memories being made for a lifetime on that day is exhilarating. I love my job and I want you to be in love with your wedding photos because I deeply care about them.

I am a Mother, a wife to a Law Enforcement Officer and a Iraqi War Veteran, and an admirer of art and history. I love spending time with my family, going camping, traveling, and working on some kind of project. I do have a baseball, coffee and Harry Potter obsession.