Whether your children are big or small, every chapter of your life deserves to be documented. Phone photos will not make the cut for those beautifully printed photos on your wall. Surround your children with images that remind them of home and their family. My lifestyle approach developed by wanting to capture the true beauty of the chaos each family goes through on a daily basis. I know as a Mother, parenthood is anything but glamorous. Images that beautifully capture the essence of your children and how you interact with them, means a lot more then those stiff family portraits. 

When I photograph, I want to capture those little hands, the curls, the innocence. Those things won't last forever. I want you to feel the love and significance with each intentional shot. Your children will thank you later in life. They won't necessarily care much about their own photos, but if their mom and dad or in it with them, the image is priceless. 

​These are not your stiff cheesing photos. We will get one or two photographs of all combinations needed of everyone looking, but after that I look to capturing the love, the snuggles, the kisses, the fingers through the hair, the little hugs. Even if your kids are big, we are getting close!


45-60 minute session

On-location, within 30 miles of 12037, additional fee for travel.

High end editing

Online viewing gallery with option to order prints and products

Full gallery download

Styling Consult