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Can I view an entire wedding gallery?

Absolutely! This is probably the most important question you can ask your potential wedding photographer. Anyone can post their best work on their website or social media, but what does everything else look like? Make sure your photographer can handle any lighting situation their work is consistent through out. I am more then happy to share! Just ask. 

How do you describe your style?

Great question! I'm the photographer who wants to capture your day how it is and create timeless, fun, natural photographs that echo who you are as a couple. I don't believe in following the editing trend of the year, I try to keep my colors as close as possible to what the camera sees. I do pull some colors out and tone others down just to enhance your image, but I will never make them look unnatural. My thought is in 10, 20 years I don't want you to look back on wedding images that are odd zombie greens or brown tones that you'll be able to date, I want them to really be timeless and just as you remember it.

Where are you located?

I live in Chatham, New York. It's an ideal location being 35 minutes southwest of Albany, 20 minutes north of Hudson, NY, and 30 minutes away from the Berkshires. My wedding packages include 50 miles from Chatham, which covers quite a bit of area. I try to keep travel time less than an hour and 45 minutes from home. 

What else do you photograph?

Wedding photography is front and center, but I do offer lifestyle family sessions. I absolutely adore photographing growing families, many starting with their own weddings. I offer on location family sessions, in your home lifestyle newborn sessions, and the occasional senior portraits.

What is lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography captures your family just the way they are. Your children's personalities, spunk, sassiness, everything you want to remember about who they are at this moment in time. These are not your stiff, look at the camera images. I will pose you, but then I give direction on how to get those natural reactions to create beautiful images that you cherish. My goal is showcase the emotion, fun, love that your family has for each other. When I do newborn lifestyle sessions at home, we may do an activity such as a bath, siblings reading to the baby, feeding, etc. I also grab those nice portraits, but we get the natural stuff too. 

When will I see my wedding Images?

I try my hardest to deliver within 4-6 weeks, my goal is for before that. I take one wedding a weekend, which allows me to edit quicker then if I was taking on more then I could handle. 

Do you help us with the wedding timeline and portrait list?

This is so important! We work on both of these together during our last meeting, which is typically two months before the wedding, possibly even earlier if you are eager. Starting in the morning and working our way through the day I explain how days usually pan out and where we can fit in opportunities for some great photos. You want to make sure we get a first look with dad, absolutely! it goes in the timeline. You plan on having a photos taken of your girls in their matching robe, timeline! I don't rely on you to remember the things you want on the day of, your mind is spinning enough already. This is also where my assistant comes in handy, she keeps us on time and helps things run smoothly and stress free.  

What does your assistant do on the wedding day?

First and foremost she is there to help me with creating the best images possible. She may be holding lighting, setting up light stands, carrying equipment, helping to set up detailed styled shots, and so much more. Part of this is also helping me with the couple, she will hold your dress, bouquet, make sure the wedding party is where they need to be, she fixes up ties, boutonnières  gets you a drink if you need one, coordinates family photos, and whatever else we possible need. It is extremely nice to have someone who is hands free and not connected to the family, party, or venue that can actually help us without having their own tasks to be getting done. Do we recommend a wedding planner to do all this? ABSOUTELY, but if they are busy doing what they need to do, we still have someone that can help. 

Should we have an "unplugged ceremony"?

Yes, yes, and yes! I can't begin to tell you how many times guests have gotten in the shot of the Bride coming down the aisle with Dad, or their special person. Sometimes it happens at last minute and you have no way to avoid them. It honestly just looks terrible in your images. You have a beautiful ceremony and then you see all your images have your guests lining the aisle with their cell phones up. If this does happen I try very hard to get different angles to avoid them, but it's not ideal. Do yourself a favor and kindly ask your guests to be present without their cameras and phones. 

What are the advantages of the first look?

There are many good reasons to choose a first look. I will never push you to do it, but I want to make sure all my couples understand the advantages. First, it's a beautiful intimate moment with just the two of you. I put on my long lens and I give you room to have your moment. This may be the only moment of the day you get to yourselves. I will tell you to take your time, talk about the morning, the night before, simply take in the day and each other. When you are ready we begin the couple's portrait session. Doing this allows us to schedule as much time as we want to create beautiful images using all the locations they wish. Makeup and hair is also fresh. After we are done with the portraits, my assistant gathers the wedding party and we get their photos done, we finish up with immediate family, then bring the bridal party inside to relax as guests arrive. I always make sure that my Brides are inside before guests see them. By doing it this way it frees up cocktail hour for you to take any extended family photos, or to just enjoy yourself and start all those thank yous to guests so that you don't need to during the reception. If you don't do a first look, we most likely will have 45-60 minutes to tackle all portraits starting with family, then wedding party, and most likely we will be left with about 10 minutes to do the Bride and Groom portraits. 

Do you give black and white images?

believe in giving you every image in color. If I find that an image looks nice in black and white, I will duplicate it and give you that option as well. I find that some photographers do not do this and personally it's very annoying. I have had photos done where I really wished certain images were in color so that it would match the rest of the ones I liked and unfortunately, I was only give black and white. 

How far do you book out?

Currently I am booking out 18 months to 2 years. Due to the pandemic we are behind a year, which is making booking out a little further than usual. 

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